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National United University holds Internship Achievement Presentation for students from NIT, Japan


Seven Japanese sister schools of NUU, Ube College, Kochi College, Hakodate College, Oyama College, Tsuyama College, Niihama College, and Tsuruoka College from National Institute of Technology(NIT), sent a total of 13 students to NUU for a short-term internship program from March 6 -30, 2023.  An Internship Achievement Presentation and Farewell Party was held on May 30 on the 6th floor of the Kwoh-ting Library.

Japanese scholars Prof. Hatamura and Prof. Shinoda from Ube College, and Prof. Okada from Oyama College attended this event. NUU representatives included President Lee Woei-shyan, Chief of R&D Wu Fan-bean, Head of the International Division, Chen Ying-ying, Prof. Yang Jerry from the Department of Finance, Prof. Tsai Jung-Jen from the Department of Architecture, Prof. Phan Quoc-Hung from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the World Youth Volunteer students.

President Lee said time flies quickly, and the one-month internship has passed. “You will always remember the time spent in National United University, and you will remember Taiwan has always been your second home,” he added. Additionally, Oyama college’s Prof. Okada, mentioned that this was the first time they sent students to National United University for an internship. He could see that students were full of memories and learned a lot of knowledge here. In the future, Oyama college will continue sending students to NUU.

During their stay, Japanese students did internships in various departments, including the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Department of Finance, Department of Energy Engineering, and Department of Architecture.

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During this Internship Achievement Presentation, Japanese students presented their internship results in the form of a presentation, clearly conveying the complex experiments, results, and harvests to the audience. They also shared the delicious food and travel experiences they had in Taiwan, while thanking the World Youth Volunteer students for their enthusiastic companionship, leaving them with a lasting impression.

The OIA Office said this internship program will make a positive contribution to academic and cultural exchange between National United University and the seven Japanese colleges of National Institute of Technology, Japan.





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