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International Non-degree Student

1. We accept application from partner university / institute students(enrolled) only.

2. Please search in our list of Exchange Partners that we have an exchange agreement with your university, then contact your international office for nomination, personal application is not accepted.


For incoming students, we provide  Non-degree programs as below :




(1) Visiting Study

Short-trem, 1-3 month approximately

(2) Short-trem Internship

*Before arriving NUU, student must complete applying procedure two months in advance .

*Student must have been gaven instructional permission by NUU faculty before arriving.

*Student can not stay in Taiwan more than half year by internship program.

(3) Semester Exchange

Fact sheet for sememster exchange:  https://reurl.cc/5MZbWq

English-taught courses: https://reurl.cc/4QMAnR

(4) 3+2 program

Application form

Coordinator: Ms. Min, Lo 

Phone: +886-37-381408  

Email: minlo815@nuu.edu.tw