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New Degree Students

Resident Visa and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
Resident Visa
Resident Visa with the purpose of pursuing study at National United University is a required document for entering Taiwan. Foreign passport holders who enter Taiwan by visa-exemption or landing visas are NOT ALLOWED to apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for studying purpose application later on. Those who fail to provide Resident Visa may be deported according to the law or go through complicated juridical process to apply for ARC.
Resident Visa holders (or ones who obtained Resident Visa within ROC by visa change) are required to apply for the ARC and Re-entry Permit at their local office of Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency within 15 days after their arrival.
Required Documents
1.   Online Visa Application form
      (a) Visa Type: General Visa (b) Category : Resident Visa (c) Number of Entries : Multiple
2.   2 x 2 inches head and shoulder photoswith white background taken in the last six months (attached to application form).
3.   Original passport with blank pages and at least six months validity, and one photocopy of it
4.   Admission Notice of NUU and one photocopy of it.
5.   Health checkup certificate taken within the last 3 months (all items stated in Health Certificate (Form B)).
6.   Application Fee (Please confirm with Taiwan Embassy, Consulate or Mission in your country).
6. Supporting documents or official letters of approval from a competent authority of the ROC; and other relevant documents.

(Image from: Bereau of Consular Affairs, MOFA, Taiwan R.O.C)

For more details, please contact the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Address: 3-5 F, No. 2-2, Sec. 1, Ji Nan Road, Taipei
Tel: (02)2343-2888
Visa inquiry Hotline: (02)2343-2885; (02)2343-2895
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00


Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) serves as ID card for foreigners in Taiwan. ARC is a very important document and needed to be renewed yearly. We recommend you to always carry ARC card with you.
Required Documents for first-time ARC application
2.    Original and a copy of Passport and Resident Visa
3.   Original Student ID or Enrollment Certificate and one authenticated photocopy (by Registration Section).
4.    Admission Letter from NUU
5.    Accommodationcertificate
6.   Two 2 x 2 inches head and shoulder with white background photos in size taken in the last six months
7.    Application fee : NTD1, 000
The Life Guidance Section, Student Affairs will organize workshops on how to apply for Taiwan juridical documents and arrange Group Application Day. We recommend you to arrive in Taiwan on the airport group pick-up date to attend the Group Application activities.
For more details, please contact
National Immigration Agency- Miaoli Office
Tel: 037-322350  ,  037-327941  , 037-323655
Working Hrs: Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00 ( No lunch break)


Health Exams
International students is required to complete 2 health exams, one for visa and ARC application, another for management of health at NUU. The exams are different from each other.
Health Examination Type B
For the application of visa and ARC. Students are required to take the exam before entering into Taiwan. However,students from Mainland China are required to complete this exam in specific hospitalswithin 7 days after arrival.
Health Examination for Freshmen
The exam shall be taken in NUU on the date arranged by the school. Please be on time because the timetable is set.


Health Insurances
According to the laws, foreigners staying in Taiwan for more than six months must be covered by National Health Insurance (NHI). In the first six months, we’ll have you insured in group medical insurance. To be qualified to apply for NHI, please don’t exit Taiwan over 1time, and do come back within 29 days.
The cost of NHI is included in the tuition fee of 2nd semester and above. The cost is NT$ 749 per month (according to the fee criteria set by NHI).
Hence payment per semester is NT$ 4,494 (from September to February and March to August). Newly arrived students are not eligible to join NHI system until they have received ARC for six months. Hence, they join the group medical insurance instead at a cost of NT$ 3,000 for the 1st semester.
Note: Dual Degree Students who only hold Mainland China passports are not eligible for NHI system.


Orientation Activities
Airport Group Pick-Up
Life Guidance Section, Students Affairs provides group pick-up service from Taoyuan Airport to NUU. Please contact the student in charge (area manager) of your country at least 4 weeks before the start of academic year.
Dormitory Check-In
To help international students, volunteer students will guide freshmen how to check in the campus dorm if the freshmen inform thearea manager of their country in advance.
Group Registration
International students will be arranged to complete NUU registration on a group registration day. On that day, students will complete all procedures for successful enrollment into NUU including payment of tuition fee, application of student ID, and handling in of verified diploma.
Group Application
International Students are arranged to apply for ARC, bank account, and other important documents on Group Application Day.
Please pay attention to announcement by Life Guidance Section and contact your area manager for any assistance.


NUU International and Overseas Chinese Students Facebook Group
To exchange information more conveniently, we created a Facebook group “NUU Oversea Chinese and International Students Club” as platform for effective mutual exchange of news. In this page there will be posts about activities held by students and NUU. All international students including degree students, exchange students, and visiting students are welcomed to join our Facebook Group. Please send a message to the manager so that we can approve your request


International Student Volunteer
If you are not fluent in Chinese and need a buddy that speaks English or other Foreign Language, you may apply for an International Student Volunteer (ISV) as buddy. The ISV buddy can help you in both academic and practical matters in NUU and Taiwan such as operating the Online Courses Selection System or acting as your translator when communicating with authorities.
Please contact Ms. Shin-Shu Chen to apply an ISV as buddy ^^
E-mail : ssc1120@nuu.edu.tw  


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